Nobody is forcing to voluntarily you pay.

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19 noviembre, 2019
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19 noviembre, 2019

Kurski says it’s a matter of axiology, because there is no new, but existing obligation, only sealed. Formally, the work on all media laws directs the head of the parliamentary commission on culture Elżbieta Kruk. But it is known that the reform of the media is a tailstock Czabańskiego. Kurski enters the field so far reserved for the head of the RMN. Both men stand on opposite sides of the political dispute over the public media, which takes in the PiS. Its culminating point was an attempt to dismiss the head of television.

Before the contest for the position last attempt to force the various factions. According to our information, that the ban last week inviting Czabańskiego TVP had to spend on a college head TAI Peter Lichota, but when the matter became interested in the media, quickly withdrew from this. – Complete idiocy – denied in an interview with us in czwartek.Konkurs president of TVP was announced last week. In the stock market there are already names of potential candidates, including Krzysztof Skowronski, now head of the SDP, and Przemysław Tejkowski, who now sits on the board of TVP. The results will be announced in mid-October. TVP Management jednoosobowy.zobacz will also heal the Polish TVP. Kurski Radziwill and start cooperation »WYWIADBarbara Owl: TVP budget for next year is 2.5 billion zł, almost 1 billion more than today.

Where did you take the money? Jacek Kurski *: I do not know how you took this kwotę.Z budget plans presented council curriculum TVP.Pierwsze plans assumed proceeds from the then forthcoming large media law. However, we had to adjust. Such budget of public television should have if it is to successfully compete with commercial television stations. Today, unfortunately, the budget is only half that amount. With a little determination, however, you can be sealed subscription. We hope that this year there will be new rules, which will apply from the beginning of next roku.Ale bill of premium audiovisual przepadł.To was very bad news for television and public radio.

That is why I am pleased that lawyers in collaboration with other experts developed the shape of the new legislation, which under the current license fee collection system may improve the collection of the fee and make the system functional toll. The proposed changes do not agree to EU regulations on state aid rules do not require the notification to KE.zobacz also Czabański Krzysztof Jacek Kurski I’m very disappointed. Promotes himself more than TVP [INTERVIEW] «With so difficult relations with the European Commission, use of the instruments that Brussels will treat as a non-invasive, does not change the existing rules. To do this, you can amend an existing law subscription, freeing the obligation to pay the subscription fee of voluntarist act of registration of the receiver. You should just automatically assumed that every household in the receiver is telewizyjny.Nie after all have at home telewizory.Założenie that household there is at least one television set, is supported by statistical data. The current system assumes that the absolute majority of households must pay a fee to register.

It seems that it is more appropriate, eg. To allow this absolute minority of households that do not have the receivers, the exemption from the obligation to pay the fee by making a statement. These statements due to the small scale will be easy to verify and kontroli.Przypominam that in Poland we have nearly 14 million households, of which about 10 million are customers of cable and satellite platforms. It is difficult to assume that someone pays a subscription or UPC in Polsat Cyfrowy and at home instead of the TV frame of the image. In the framework of a simplified control mechanism, just on operators of cable and satellite platforms impose an obligation to deliver relevant information to the Polish Post.

Mail should remain responsible for the collection of subscription, because the only has the appropriate logistics, which can be activated by quickly and efficiently, and new instruments in the collection and control the collection of fees, must lead to a sharp rise in the effectiveness of the entity. The more that the Post Office is a significant income, after which it is worth schylić.Dokument ready? Of course, television is not mixed politics and the legislative process, but it serves its advice. We have a very good team of lawyers – practitioners and experts who ate teeth on the temacie.Wchodzi you the competence Czabańskiego Christopher, who was responsible for the reform of the financing of the media publicznych.Boże weapon. I do not enter into anyone’s shoes. Just as a company keenly interested in stabilizing the financial situation of the public media and having competent lawyers, we serve good radą.Ile money will fall on television and radio, according to records of your act?

This is not meant to be and certainly will not be «our law», but all units serving adjustment public radio and television, and thus society. Assuming that the new legislation seal the system, hoping that the subscription will target 12-15 per month and pay him nearly 14 million households, this would give roughly the amount in excess of 2 billion units for the distribution of Polish Radio and Television Polskiej.PAP financing will be covered? it is not known, but the PAP budget is the budget of a television penny matter. With PAP-I is the problem that it is not a unit of public radio and television. Our experts say that inclusion in the system of financing creates a subscription fee, due to the emergence of a new beneficiary in the system of public aid, new aid requiring notification to the European Commission. I hope that the legislature will take this into account. The time factor is very important because from the point of view of the functioning of public broadcasting, especially if we take into account the state of the company which left us poprzednicy.A political will to change? One bill has already gone.

Besides the Poles zbuntują.To question of values ​​and a sense of the common good. Yet there is no mention of the new, but existing obligation, only sealed – real, not fictitious. Second, if it turns out that we managed to seal the system we will certainly have to deal with reduced fee in subsequent years in relation to the existing level. Eg. 23.5 zł per month instead of twice would have less. We should also bear in mind that radio-television license is not a privilege, as demonstrated by our competitors. It is fair to compensate the enormous advantage we have today Polsat and TVN, as a result of downloading subscription commercial!

It is said the target rates of the order of 12 zł, while the average subscriptions paid by millions of Poles NC + and Cyfrowy Polsat is PLN 50. These are the rates starting from 19 and reaching up to 250 zlotys a month. Myself have cable can i do my homework TV with UPC in Gdansk and pay every month until 255 zlotys! This is madness. Although there is still telephone, internet, television packages but goes back more than 100 gold. Mr. Nobody is forcing to voluntarily you pay.

He was already the idea to commercial competition threw up misjęSam indicate with the idea to waive pre-emptive subscription of Poles and apply a mechanism known from eg. The protection of the environment, where those who pollute, pay a contribution to protect the environment. Similarly, it could be on the market of electronic media – those who do not carry out the mission to pay 25-30 per cent. a copy of the mission by fund public service remit and NBC RMN or otherwise disposed of these measures between broadcasters filling mission. But this solution would violate the rules of fair competition and was initially postponed przezekspertów Regardless of everything, it would mean the construction of a new model finasowania public media, with all its consequences, in particular, would necessitate notification and consent of the European Commission for a new aid. I have already mentioned how important this aspect is the time factor. And advertising? There will be less?

The issue of advertising in the public media, is often misunderstood. Public media advertising revenue to finance the mission. Advertising is needed because he does not allow the execution of subscription imposed on public service broadcasting obligations. It is difficult to declare today that the ads will be less, but if the subscription generated revenues of 2 billion zł., This restriction is advertising rozważenia.Można would think, for example. On the reduction of advertising in some bands, eg.

Between godz.19 and 21. But let us remember that public service broadcasters are already limited in the ability to compete on the advertising ban interrupt programs with advertising. In addition, we must remember that EU regulations do not permit a subscription to an instrument for obtaining an unfair competitive advantage over other participants in the advertising market. It was not so before, and certainly will not be as well, if there will be new and amended regulations. The subscription must guarantee fair competition. * Jacek Kurski is president of TVP Piotrkow district court has not suspended the proceedings in the two cases of former officials who challenged the lowering them by the Department of Pension and Disability benefits. The judge asked for a re-calculation based on the provisions of the Act before.

On this basis, without waiting for the Constitutional Court will issue a verdict. See also: die secret police were waiting for judgments »Recall: so far judges hung action, looking at the Regional Court in Warsaw, which more than one and a half year ago referred to the Court questions concerning the constitutionality of the provisions of the Act. Six months ago, the association asked the Justice Tribunal of appeal that dealt with the case. – remained unnoticed – the judge says Bartholomew Przymusiński. Patron Michael Wawrykiewicz the initiative «Open Courts» argues that the judges do not have to wait for the CT. They have the right to proceed on the basis of Art.

8, para. 2 of the Constitution, which says that the provisions of the Constitution are directly applicable. – It did not suspend the proceedings shows that decided to take on the shoulders of an assessment of the law in individual cases – estimates. This is called. dispersed constitutional control. – The courts do not operate in a vacuum. They see how it works, or rather – did not work, the tribunal. Now there is a new factor: non-direct consituation violates the right of the parties to a hearing within a reasonable time – says Bartholomew Przymusiński. Notes that even if the Tribunal finally terminates, another problem may arise.

It has been appointed to examine the composition, in which Justin sit Piskorski and Jaroslaw Wyrembak. They occupy space in the CT, which already properly elected by other judges. It’s about the money? Patron-Rakowska Anna Trela ​​represented one of the officers of the court in Piotrkow. – The judge considered that can independently decide – he says. It emphasizes that the case concerns a man who worked for several years in the services listed in the Act, then passed the verification and the next several years he served in the police. The greater part of the pension earned so after 1990. – The Act was most hurt by such persons. Zero calculator retirement designated for the years before 1990.

Almost does not touch them. What else established in the Act guillotine that cuts pensions to a maximum of 1.8 thousand. zł net. See also: What the Poles receive a pension? New report ZUS «Since we apply the law, state budget expenditures have been reduced by nearly 1.2 billion zł, and the highest amount by which the reduced monthly pension, is over 18 thousand. zł – recently said Deputy Interior Minister Jaroslaw Zielinski. This, he argued, should be an additional profit for the state, next to the «elementary historical justice». Meanwhile, the RESET of the data shows that just before the introduction of the Act police officers of the average pension amounted to 2870.84 zł. In contrast, the average pension of officers affected by the so-called.

First Law of 2009 dezubekizacyjną. – 2125.49 zł. The hierarchy of sources Ombudsman issued a position, which also encourages the courts to have regard to the welfare of the citizens, not waiting for CT. – It is worth recalling the hierarchy of sources of law. In the first place the Constitution, ratified international agreements further. And that these acts have precedence over the law – says Tomasz Oklejak from the Office of the Ombudsman. It underlines that the questions relate to CT only juries, who inflicted them. Any other judge to proceed or may at any time take the proceedings. Dariusz Mazur, the judge of the District Court in Krakow and Themis spokesman reminds the conference two years ago, «The crisis of the judiciary and the constitutional rights of a distributed control compliance with the Constitution.» – Even then part of the environment considered that the controversies that causes even the choice of the composition of the tribunal, judges have to take the brunt of jurisdiction – he says. – That’s when he went from the Ministry of Justice of the message that those who will be directly apply the Constitution, must reckon with disciplinary action.

Then came the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court. This could cause the part of the environment on the law dezubekizacyjnej decided to suspend the proceedings. This should be more respect for those who do not. As for the draft law on the profession of pharmacist, which is just consulted. Anxiety raises big business proposal for a new procedure for the appointment to the position of pharmacists pharmacy manager. Addressing the function is to be dependent on a favorable opinion by the regional council drugstore.

Meanwhile, it is no secret that the government favors the apothecary primarily independent pharmacists and repeatedly showed irregularities in the activities of the network. The latter are afraid, therefore, that local governments do not accept people for managerial positions put forward by individual entrepreneurs. I will often was not proposed for people, but for revenge on specific companies, which do not follow through with samorządem.zobacz also: United Kingdom armor in drugs, only Poland is watching «- Our doubts rise evaluation criteria for candidates for pharmacy manager, which They refer to the warranty giving proper practice in a particular pharmacy, which could lead to attempts to «manual control» candidates by the local apothecary. In particular, they are exposed to a small and medium entrepreneurs, as they do not have sufficient impact on the self-government bodies in order to protect their interests – warns Arkadiusz Grądkowski, Confederation Lewiatan expert, quoted in the press release sent out by the organization. It is known, however, that it is really about the greatest actors. «From the perspective of freedom of economic activity is disturbing the criterion according to which the opinion is to apply the function in a particular, specific name and address of the entity» – indicates Lewiatan Confederation.

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